About Us

Arizona's 48 Most Intriguing Women has been officially designated an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission, pursuant to the rights and responsibilities assigned by the Arizona Legislature.

A Legacy Project must:
1) accurately portray a significant aspect of Arizona history;
2) be accessible to large number of visitors/users;
3) demonstrate collaboration in the planning;
4) produce an enduring product that will live on after 2012;
5) include an educational component;

A group of experts on women in leadership evolved an idea into a goal of not only celebrating Arizona’s Centennial but also telling the stories of amazing and committed women across the state who are making history. Through engagement with women’s organizations, public outreach and community partnerships, the project has taken shape over the past two years.

48 Women is Chaired by Connie Robinson, with Joy Johnson acting as Vice-Chair. A twelve-member governing board comprised of a diverse group of community leaders, public and private sector leaders and residents oversees their efforts.